Centric is driven by the same “customer-first” approach we were founded on more than 25 years ago. Our products meet a unique and highly demanding set of expectations—ours. We look beyond what technology can do and focus on what you can do with the technology.



Centric’s leadership promotes ownership of every aspect of the customer experience. Our teams are charged with finding solutions often overlooked, training customers in ways often ignored, and delivering support in ways entirely unexpected.


Rick Bastinelli
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Scott Schnabel
Executive Vice President
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Loralea Sanderson
Vice President Finance & Administration
410-902-3300 X1001
Jerry Baroncelli
Vice President Field Service
410-902-3300 X1015
Diana Griffin
Senior Manager, Customer Care
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Patty Penuell
Senior Manager, Human Resources
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Every customer interaction is led by a Centric team member uniquely equipped to perform their dedicated service specialty.


Each business is unique; so we approach every client differently. We work with each client to analyze the specific document management needs of their organization in order to find the perfect solution. Our passion is uncovering those small details that turn a document management solution into a real difference maker.
- Frank Curreri, Major Account Manager
Relentless pursuit of excellence is what makes us different. We never stop looking for new and better ways to deliver document management solutions that will uniquely fit and energize our customers. Our customers rely on us because they're confident we'll help them make more than an impression – they know we'll help them make an impact.
- Shawn Moran, District Sales Manager
When it comes to training, giving our customers the tools and knowledge to use their document management technology to its maximum capability. We're committed to giving our customers the right solution for their business, and giving them the know-how to continuously optimize that solution as their business changes and grows.
- Jesse Metruk, Training & Development Specialist
We have mastered the details in order to deliver on the big picture for our customers. Our team is engineered to work as a precise and cohesive unit, committed to delivering superior performance, reliable follow through, consistent communication, and impactful solutions.
- Scott Schnabel, Executive Vice President
Each organization's document management solution is critical to its workflow and operations, so dependable, reliable, and consistent support and customer service is extremely important. Great customer service is a priority to us as well. It's not enough to us to have an exceptional document management solution, we want to provide peace of mind as well.
- Diana Griffin, Senior Manager of Customer Service


Perfect Partners

We’re proud to work with technology leaders dedicated to raising the bar year after year. Their evolving products continue to impress, and the solutions they enable us to tailor help us deliver the competitive advantage you expect from Centric.



We’re committed to giving back to the communities we serve. We measure for success not just on the businesses we help, but on the communities we impact.


It feels good to be recognized for our achievements. However, the greatest award we receive is seeing our customers flourish in ways they hadn’t thought possible.

  • 2000–2016, The Week in Imaging & Office Products Magazine

    Elite Dealer Award

    Named as a Top 100 Dealer nationally in recognition of superior sales and marketing programs, dedication to customer service, community involvement and the ability to effectively provide customers with unique and innovative solutions.

  • 2014, INC Magazine

    INC 5000 List of the Fastest Growing Companies in America

  • 2011–2017, Sharp Corporation

    Platinum Level Service Provider

  • 2010-2017, Pros Elite

    Elite 100 Dealer

  • 2009-2014, Smart CEO Magazine

    100 Best Run Companies

  • 2003-2015, Ricoh Corporation

    Master Circle Award

    Sales and Service Excellence

  • 1993-2016, Sharp Corporation

    Hyakuman Kai Award

    Outstanding achievement in Sales and Service.

  • 2012, Ernst & Young

    Entrepreneur of the Year