July 18, 2017

Just recently, a few members of Parliament had their email accounts hacked. This is just another instance that shows the pervasive nature of cyber attacks and reiterates the importance of top-notch cyber security procedures put in place. In fact, document security is becoming ever more prevalent.

Data Breach Would Be Covered

Large corporations should consider the various advantages that come with protecting their secure data by investing in a document management system (DMS). For example, if a data breach occurs at your business, hackers are able to access sensitive information regarding clients and employees. However, taking advantage of a document management system would provide first-party coverage over data breaches or hacks throughout their networks. Not only does a DMS implement more efficient workflows throughout your business, it can also help to keep documents more secure than ever before.

Protecting The End-User

Important documents that may be lost or obtained can have serious effects depending on the information accessed. In fact, most hackers look for information that can be beneficial to them such as movies or tv shows, like the recent Netflix hack on the show “Orange Is The New Black”. The fact remains that while it may seem new, cyber and privacy insurance companies have been around for the past 10 years. While it hasn’t been as popular as other types of insurance, with the increase in breaches occurring almost daily, there seems to be more a demand in these types of policies now more than ever before.

July 14, 2017

Managed print services (MPS) offer simple solutions for seemingly insurmountable business issues. Whether you’re struggling to order the right equipment or attempting to limit paper production, a managed print service can help you achieve business efficiency. Read on to discover how MPS can improve your Maryland business.

Reduce Paper Waste

In efforts to achieve more efficient, environmentally friendly offices, business everywhere are switching to paperless platforms. MPS can help your business reduce wasted supplies and decrease electrical consumption by consolidating your devices.

Improve Security

Ensuring the security of your data and your client’s information is paramount when it comes to maintaining your business. Printers, copiers, and other necessary equipment contain sensitive information that can easily be obtained by hackers without protection. MPS can offer necessary security by encrypting device data and using comprehensive permissions to guarantee access to certain employees.

Decrease Costs

The cost of printing can add up for small and large business alike. MPS contract will provide your business with a standard monthly bill that you can budget for. You won’t have to worry about unexpected repairs or surprise charges since you’ll have all costs mapped out for you. Centric Business Systems will provide you with MPS that is unique to your business needs, which means you won’t have to pay for services that you don’t need!

July 10, 2017

A printer is a printer, right?  The word “printer” is commonly used to describe every type of printing machine from small desktop inkjets to large print shop machines, when in reality, they might be copiers or multifunctional devices (MFDs).  Many printers and MFDs also have advanced features that are either included or that can be configured to best fit your company’s needs.  Here are some key definitions and industry lingo that will come in handy when deciding on document management solutions.

MFD – MFD is an abbreviation for multifunctional device, a machine that scans, prints, copies and faxes. 

MFP – MFP is an abbreviation for a multifunctional product, a different way for saying an MFD.

Finisher – A finisher might refer to any or multiple post-printing functions, including stapling, binding, collating, folding, hole-punching, etc.

Binder – A binder is an attachment to a printer or MFD that binds print jobs, booklets, books or magazines.

Stapler – A stapler is an attachment to a printer or MFD that staples print jobs.

Folder – A folder is an attachment to a printer or MFD that folds print jobs.

Cutter – A cutter is a machine that cuts large quantities of papers to precise measurements, usually when trying to achieve a specific size or a bleed. 

MPS – MPS is an abbreviation for managed print services, which is a service that oversees the entire print environment of an office in order to increase efficiency and be more cost effective.

Document management – Document management software captures, stores and controls business documents to streamline and automate paper-based processes for improved productivity and reduced costs.

Facilities management – Facility management services take care of the entire print facility, from the team members, to the hardware, software, integration, upgrades, tracking and reporting. 

Inkjet Printers – Inkjet printers spray liquid ink through microscopic nozzles onto paper.  They can print on many different types of papers, including photo paper and some fabrics.

Laser Printers – These printers use toner cartridges that are filled with fine powder and a heated fuser to imprint on paper. 

Toner cartridge – A toner cartridge contains toner powder, which is a fine, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon and black or other colored agents that are used to make the image on paper.

Meter reading – A meter reading is how a customer reports how many pages have been printed to its copier service provider so that it can provide accurate billing and service.

Centric Business Systems knows the office equipment industry well.  We are here to help you navigate the best solutions for your office; training is an integral part of our mission in providing you the most effective document environment.