"My team is full of difference-makers. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by such passion and dedication, day in and day out. "
Rick Bastinelli, President



The entire Centric family shares the responsibility of bringing our customers the best experience and results imaginable. We’re as dedicated to one another as we are to our craft, and are always looking for unique individuals who share our passion for greatness.



CULTURE | We work hard for our customers and we have fun doing it.


OPPORTUNITY | We’re as committed to each individual’s growth as we are our customer’s.


TEAM | We work together toward shared goals. We celebrate together as we achieve them.


BENEFITS | We offer a comprehensive package that provides balance, security, and peace of mind.




Our employees are our greatest strength. They’re responsible for our success and for creating the many opportunities we have to add enthusiastic professionals to our team. If you’re interested in working along side us, we’d love to hear from you.